Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Eat To Save Your Life show

Plec cateva zile, dar va las pe maini bune: ale lui Jamie. Si cu ceva food for thought. Multam, sorelina, pentru link!

Restul emisiunii il gasiti aici.

Pe curand!


Breakout said...

Hello G girl!

Thanks for your blog, even though I don't speak Romanian, the pictures of food you've posted so far look very tasty!

But despite the fact that you don't seem to have many problems being vegan in Romania, I'm a bit afraid to go there in April for a archaeological survey north of ConstanĊ£a. So if you have some free time and want to give me some helpful advices how to survive there, I'd really appreciate an eMail! Thanks a lot! :-)

Best whishes


P.S.: Sorry for posting this as comment, it's kinda offtopic, but I don't see any other contact possibility.

G girl said...

Hi Mathias!
I'll try my best to give you some usefull tips - don't worry, you'll survive :)
I'll come back to you with a detailed message on the address you indicated, as soon as I return from Japan (I'm there till next Sunday).
Take care :)

G girl said...

one more thing - you can read my blog with google translate :) it's pretty funny most of the time, but you'll get the info :)